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Kim Kardashian: The Squeeze by TheCoils Kim Kardashian: The Squeeze by TheCoils
All she wanted was tio swim in the Amazon River. Now here she was, wrapped up nice and tight in the large hefty coils of an enormous snake. At first she had no idea what had happened. One moment she was relaxing in the water.. The next thing she knew, she was being raised out of the water struggling for freedom and for air. She tried to free her arms, and thats when the squeeze came. The strength of the snakes coils overpowered Kim Kardashian with ease and began to constrict her slowly. She could feel the muscles of the snake press against her body, around her rib cage and her stomache. The squeeze was so intense her back was beginning to ache and her stomache began to cave in against the pressure. Kim tried to flex her abdomen against the coils, and it worked! The hold on her was still strong but at least the coils had stopped closing in. Now all she had to do was hold off the squeeze around her chest somehow.. "HUUGHHH!!" She let out a scream after another powerful coil wrapped around her rib cage and squeezed. Somehow, she managed to push her elbows out just enough to take a few much needed breaths, before the snake squeezed her arms back to her sides. "AGHH-HUGHH!!" The intense pressure caused her to yell as her air was forced from her lungs. Suddenly her abs gave away and the hold was tight around her stomache once again, and she finally realized *The snake had been toying with her*
Kim tried to wiggle her body back and forth, arching her back side to side and shifting her arms within the snake's grip. As soon as her shoulders were free she struggled more fiercely and continued to wiggle her arms. A coil slipped off her and rested just below her breasts. Little did she know that the snake was still playing with her, just as a cat does with a mouse.. Kims arms were almost free, except for the coil wrapped around her elbows but none the less she contiued to struggle when at last her feet were almost loose! Kim looked down just in time to see the snake coil her feet up with several coils, undoing all the effort she had put into freeing her legs. To her horror, the coils slid back up around her body, keeping her arms pinned to her sides and wrapping up her chest(just above and below her breasts) and SQUEEZED! The hold was too tight for her to handle anymore, she screamed "AUGHH-HUGH-HUGHH!! NOO!! HUGHH!!!" The snake added one last coil around her neck and finally went to finish it's prolonged constriction. "HUuughh.." Kim could no longer breathe at all, she flexed her muscles against the snake's grip, but it was done playing with it's food and only squeezed tighter. After a few minutes of struggling for air Kim's body began to shake uncontrollably and her breathing slowed down..
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fettishman Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015
YounesBros Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
... and Kim is eaten by the snake!

I love the sad ends! :XD:
RyonaMakesItBetter Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This one is great work! Love using Kim for it, too!
XmudchaserX Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
This is hands down one of your best manipulation pictures. Kim's position as well as the snake fitted perfectly around her body look incredibly believable, and your story is also a very nice addition.
rkenton54 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
too bad her booty will never fit down his throat
Duck-Bot Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Student General Artist
What gets me is how well you manipulate your images. Nice work. :3 I'll read soon though. :3
ajmelinafreak Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
hot damn! that's just holy hell great job
Grandenachos Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
I would eat her too
yuhui4ever Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW... amazing!!! did the snake eat her?
EspioArtwork31 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
Holy Cow
kaaintraining Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011
Would love love LOVE to see you do more with Kim and Kaa ;)
S-helleh Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Eawart Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Boobies !
Sodor93 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011
This is so hot! =D I'm getting goosbumbs just reading!! =D =D
PhantomGline Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
TheCoils Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Thnks everybody, I'm appreciatin the feedback ;)
Will-doger Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
artfan89 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011
Very good, she is very squeezable girl.
MisterGlacius Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011
Great editing and artwork.
aomwow0044 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2011
wish the coils were thicker but this is very good regardless!!
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